IQF frozen apple cubes

IQF frozen apple cubes – the latest technology of freezing

Is frozen food healthy? Many people choose fresh fruits over the frozen fruits as the healthier ones. But is this true? Let’s discuss it on an example of IQF frozen apple cubes.

Fresh fruits vs. frozen fruits

Which part of the world do you live in? What kind of fruits grow in your country? And now – how many kinds of fruits are available in your supermarket? Think about it: most of the products that you’re buying are imported – fruits and vegetables as well. In order to transport and store them safely, they need to be exposed to the influence of different kinds of chemical substances. The product you’re buying looks pretty, but in fact, it might be more harmful to your health than frozen food. Why?

Think of the process of producing IQF frozen apple cubes.

Fresh apples are collected during the harvest season. They don’t grow in artificial circumstances – they are definitely very natural. Later, apples are cut into small pieces and flashed with a really low temperature. All the microorganisms that cause the decay are killed. The IQF method helps to preserve all the best out of the fruit: its original taste, smell, shape and nutritional values. Moreover, frozen food might be stored for a long period of time without losing any value.

Buying quality fruits, especially during the wintertime, might be a challenge. That is why buying IQF frozen food might be the best solution for you!