IQF frozen pear cubes

Where to Buy IQF Frozen Pear Cubes?

Are you interested in buying IQF products, such as IQF frozen pear cubes, apple slices, or other frozen fruits? First, make sure to check few factors mentioned in the article below.

IQF frozen pear cubes – where to buy them?

There are many IQF frozen fruits producers. However, they may keep different standards. You yourself need to make sure that you’re choosing well. What should you pay attention to?

As chilling agents, IQF producers can use nitrogen, air or carbon dioxide. Fruit cubes should correspond with the definition of IQF products. They should be quick frozen fruits, staying individual with no aggregation between each other.

IQF frozen pear cubes – physical description

Before freezing, raw materials should be fresh and high quality. Freshly harvested pears are first peeled and diced to prepare them to freeze. The regular size of the cubes is 10×10 millimeters, but the customer may require any other size.

In the case of pears, the product should remain the color as close as possible to the well-ripened fresh pear, which is milk white. The taste should also be very close to the original, without any strange off-taste. Moreover, no foreign body, such as metal, glass, plastic, soil, stone, wood or sand should be found in the package of frozen pear cubes.

IQF frozen pear dice – storage, shelf life and transporting conditions

Products must be kept at a temperature of -18°C (or less) to maintain it’s required condition. Only then they can attain a shelf life of 24 months in unopened packs. When it comes to packages, the most popular ones are waterproof cardboard cartons with polyethylene liners. While transporting, products also need to be deep frozen – kept at or under the temperature of -18°C.

While choosing an IQF frozen fruits producer, always keep in mind these factors. It’s very important to choose a producer who keeps the highest standards!